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Love Your Smile's Whitening for Life Club 

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** THE 2017 MEMBERSHIP FEE is a one-time fee of $50.00

** THE 2018 MEMBERSHIP FEE is a one-time fee of $75.00.

Membership to the Whitening for Life Club is extended to the patients of Love Your Smile Family & Aesthetic Dentistry. We believe that receiving routine hygiene care and necessary dental treatments are extremely important in maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. The goal of this program is to reward those who have already demonstrated commitment to their oral health. 

Member benefits:

  • Custom made, professional whitening trays for personal use at home (retail cost $400)
  • Initial whitening solutions (retail cost $40-$70, depending on solution strength)
  • Whitening solution refills provided at no cost during recall/maintenance appointments
  • Shade evaluations during recall/maintenance appointments

Membership Rules:

  1. Members must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Members must complete initial hygiene cleaning, x-rays, doctor’s exam, and re-appoint for six-month recall.
  3. Members must comply with minimum required dental care as treatment planned by doctor.(NOTE: This means diagnosed cavities and gum disease must be treated due to potential adverse effects of whitening solution on diseased or infected tooth.)Therefore, whitening trays will be awarded only after patient is cavity free. 
  4. When patient has been cleared of cavities and gum disease, members can make their appointment for teeth impressions required for the professional whitening system. The whitening trays will be available after 7 business days.
  5. Tray delivery appointment is about 15 minutes. This time is necessary to try on the trays and to discuss proper home care and use of whitening system.
  6. Members must maintain continued hygiene care (three or six month appointments, depending on periodontal health).
  7. Members must comply with all Love Your Smile Dentistry policies regarding payment and broken appointments.
  8. Whitening solution refills (2 syringes) will be awarded at each six-month recall appointments. 
  9. Any lost or destroyed whitening trays will be replaced at cost to patient ($100 fee).
  10. Membership will be discontinued if they accrue a total of two no-shows.  Note: No-show appointments include appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before appointed time. 
  11. If your membership was discontinued, the fee to re-instate your member status is $50. If trays have to be remade, the remake fee applies (see #9). 


Love Your Smile Family & Aesthetic Dentistry has the right to refuse offer to patient if deemed necessary based on patient health conditions, misuse, abuse, or any other factor deemed necessary to void offer. Those that have active, untreated gum disease, decay, root sensitivity, or oral cancers may not participate in this program until oral conditions stabilize. We reserve the right to discontinue your membership in the Whitening for Life Club at any time if deemed necessary.